Remotely Deliver In-Home Patient Care

Help support quarantine compliance for you and your valued patients. With the COVID-19 emergency, getting pets and their owners to travel to your clinic might not be possible. Even beyond COVID-19, PetTracks is a cloud-based solution allowing you to access your patient records and document new visits all from your office, home or anywhere in between.

Paired with PetTracks, our telemedicine solution allows you to efficiently treat more patients and monitor their care proactively – without the need for in-person contact. Because of its flexible cloud-based capabilities, you can log on to PetTracks and treat patients from your own home for visits where physical contact with the animal isn’t needed. Keep your patients, your staff, and yourself home when possible.

Here are some quick details about this new tool. You will be able to:

  • Initiate secure text conversations to pet owners instantly and easily
  • Initiate telehealth video visits with the click of a button
  • Maintain logs of chats and videos for billing and audit
  • Access free training, available via recordings and webinar sessions
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