Case Study: Clinic in Belchertown, MA


The clinic had been using paper charts for its small animal and equine services clinic, and faced critical bottlenecks without an electronic records system, including:

  • Having to handwrite prescription labels
  • Getting through the check-out process
  • Physical exam findings were all written on carbon copy paper and then transcribed by staff

These were all very time consuming, manual processes that limited the overall throughput of the clinic.

“I found that my ability to see more patients was completely limited by my handwritten checkout process. Medical records, instructions, and labels for any dispensed product all were handwritten which caused a bottleneck at checkout and dominated the time of my staff.”


After using PetTracks Veterinary EMR, the clinic has seen the following:

  • Improved process for documenting a patient encounter and pulling previous charts
  • Reduced time of completing prescriptions and handling bill payment
  • Eliminated handwritten labels and the check-out traffic jam, which contributed to reducing the check-out process by over 20 minutes per patient
  • Increased revenues due to seeing more patients each day

“Since starting with PetTracks and implementing their system, the speed and efficiency of my checkout process has improved greatly. This also has allowed me to decrease the cost of having extra staff to support me in the office.”

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