Benefits of an EMR Software System

Utilizing an EMR in your practice can help improve your practice workflow and allow you to chart faster. You’ll be able to see more patients throughout the day, saving you time and increasing revenue. There are several additional benefits for you and your practice when using an EMR, including:

Improved Accuracy

Many times, paper-based records are riddled with errors because of illegible handwriting or incomplete documentation. Handwriting is not necessary when using an EMR system; therefore, illegibility is of no concern.

With EMR systems, pertinent information must be included on the form or the staff member will not be able to continue moving forward in the program; thus, eliminating concerns related to incomplete documentation. Furthermore, some electronic medical record software systems have edits that can be used to require staff members to add supplemental information when necessary (e.g., the reason for an injury).

Paper Files Require Physical Storage Space: Digital Files Do Not

Paper records take up a lot of space. These records are very important and must be maintained; however, switching over to digital records makes a big difference in the physical space available at a veterinary practice as well as the overall look of the reception area.

Paper Records are More Expensive than EMRs

While there is the initial cost of implementing an EMR system, once the system is up and running the costs associated with the electronic medical records system are less than those for paper records.

Consider that, with paper records, specific documents must be purchased and/or printed. In addition, more personnel are necessary to manage, maintain, access and file the paper charts.

Digital Medical Records Offer Versatility

Each pet patient’s medical record can be maintained in the EMR software system in its entirety: Add notes, photos, lab results and signed forms to the patient record, all of which can be pulled up and referred to at any time.

EMRs Offer the Potential for Third-Party Vendors

If the EMR software integrates with third-party vendors, consider taking advantage of these benefits. Sending orders to third-party vendors from electronic medical records software offers a huge productivity boost.

To learn more about switching to electronic medical records, read our Knowledge Drop here.

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