Effective Pet Owner
Communication Strategies

Being able to effectively interact and communicate with your clients’ owners helps build trust and improve your relationships. But, how do you know the best way to communicate with these individuals?

The first step is to know who you clients are. According to Veterinary Practice News, “in 2017, Millennials owned more pets compared to baby boomers, fast becoming the majority regarding pet parent demographics.” This information is important to consider, as Millennials have recently shaped the pet owner experience into a personal, family-oriented experience. This demographic treats their pets as their own children, spending more time and money with their furry friends than ever before. 

As a group, Millennials who have cats spend almost $34 billion on their pets annually; whereas, those with dogs spend $67 billion a year. In addition, Millennials say that they expect to spend more money on health care for their dogs and cats than they do on themselves. Because of this trend, you also need to understand and address the ways Millennials treat their pets in your own care. By acknowledging this unique relationship between pets and their owners, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your client’s needs in addition to building a better relationship with their owner.

Another factor to consider in your communication strategy is use of technology. “Millennials also love technology; they understand technology and they are willing to pay for it. If today’s pet owner does not feel you are catering to them, they are more than willing to shop online.” Keeping your website up-to-date with helpful care guidelines, behind the scenes content and general practice information is essential in maintaining a positive relationship with pet owners. Posting frequently on social media and even asking clients for reviews can help build your online presence and allow you to effectively communicate with prospective clients.

“Pet owners don’t come to you for veterinary medicine; they come to you for a healthy pet. It may sound intuitive, but by changing your focus and putting pet health at the forefront of your practice culture, your clinic will continue to grow and be viable.”

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